Dance & Company

We offer serious classical and contemporary training from youth to adult in a positive and progressive program of study. Performance opportunities are provided through annual spring concert performances, informal showings and student participation in the dance center's repertory youth performance companies. Classes are offered year-round in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical stage, hip-hop, and Irish step dance.

Dance & Company offers serious classical and contemporary dance training to youth and adult in a positive, progressive, program of study . Classes are offered year-round in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical stage, hip- hop, and Irish Step dance. Performance opportunities are provided by concert performances, informal showings, and students’ participation in the dance center’s youth, repertory, performance companies.

Meet the Dance & Company Faculty

Master Classes & Guest Artists

Dance & Company offers additional study for advanced and intermediate students by hosting periodic master classes, guest artist residencies, master teacher workshops and week-long choreography intensives with visiting artists.

The Shenandoah Contemporary Dance Theatre

Dance & Company’s resident, repertory performing company and its preparatory younger affiliate group, offer performance opportunities and pre-professional training to members selected by audition. The SCDT performs regularly in venues such as Kid’s Café’ (NYC), Brooklyn Arts Exchange (NYC) and, The New Dance Festival (VA). SCDT annually hosts The Shenandoah Collaborative Teen Arts Festival.

Teaching Philosophy

Dance & Company’s carefully selected faculty offer a variety of unique talents and teaching styles. Our faculty operates as a team in partnership with one another and families, to provide a positive environment for students to flourish and express themselves artistically. We strive to enhance awareness of the importance of the arts and humanities in a healthy society by...

  • Learning precise classical a Contemporary dance technique,
  • In a positive, motivating environment, Developing personal growth and
  • Self- awareness through the
  • Pursuit of excellence.
  • Age- appropriate artistic creations, Performing meaningful,
  • Revealing the oneness of heart
  • In shared human experience, Reflecting our world:
  • How it was, how it is,
  • How we wish it could be;