Dance & Company

We offer serious classical and contemporary training from youth to adult in a positive and progressive program of study. Performance opportunities are provided through annual spring concert performances, informal showings and student participation in the dance center's repertory youth performance companies. Classes are offered year-round in ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical stage, hip-hop, and Irish step dance.

Inclement Weather The dance center is closed when Harrisonburg City Schools close due to inclement weather, including school dismissals for snow, sleet or ice.  Students make up canceled classes by attending alternate classes of similar level offered by the studio. The dance center is not closed when city schools are closed for elections or teacher workdays.

Dance & Company will not be closed when county schools are closed for inclement weather, workdays, or holidays which county schools observe by closing for the day that are not observed with a closing by the city school system.

When nasty morning weather results in city school closings for the day, then later weather conditions turn fair, strict adherence to this policy may appear senseless. Remaining consistent in set policy and procedure, regarding when the dance center is closed and open avoids unnecessary confusion and miscommunications.

In the event unsafe weather conditions develop after school hours, the decision to close or remain open will be carefully considered. Often this decision is based upon individual circumstances. Feedback from the teachers and dance families scheduled to meet on the day in question, is gladly taken into account. In these instances, final decision is often made on an individual class-by-class basis.

Please subscribe to our Dance & Company studio text alert system to be notified quickly or check local radio/tv stations.

Pick-up and Delivery Parents or guardians are responsible for a child’s arrival and departure from the studio. Accompany your child into the studio. In the event you are late for  pick-up, instruct your child to await your arrival in the studio classroom-not an emptying waiting area. Notify attending instructor when departing with your child.

Attendance Due to the cumulative and participatory nature of classes, all students are required to attend every class meeting. Excessive absences will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal from class.  Tuition reductions for absences are not accepted.

Students make up classes by attending alternate classes of similar level. Registration for September classes places student in class until June.  If a student withdraws, the balance of that quarter’s tuition is forfeited.  We require written notification of withdrawal in order to remove the student from the class roster for the remainder of the year.  Expect to continue receiving tuition bills, unless our office receives written notification of student withdrawal,

Spring Concert Students performing in the spring concert are required to purchase a costume. Concert participants must attend all rehearsals for spring concert, held every weekday night prior to concert weekend. Absences place unfair burden on others, and may result in dismissal from cast. Students opting to perform must conform to all  rules and procedures concerning concert participation.

Instructional  Level Dance & Company strives to ensure student needs are met on the appropriate instructional level. Timelines of development are individual to each student .Variance in skill levels among students within the same age range are normal, should be expected, and will peak and plateau throughout the formative years. If initial enrollment indicates a class population presents large discrepancies in performance; teachers balance class instructional challenge to an average which best serves each student on his/her most positive level of instruction. Toward this goal; classes are split into two sections (providing number of enrolled students allows), current higher functioning student are encourage to advance to classes providing more challenge, and/or curriculum goals are adjusted, within the existing class, to individualize instruction for varying groups and/or individuals, within the class population.